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George Kittle jokes ‘tight ends put Taylor Swift on the map’ amid Travis Kelce rumours but NFL star fears wrath of ‘Swifties’

NFL star George Kittle has joked tight ends are putting Taylor Swift on the map, not vice versa.

Pop megastar Swift has made headlines in the US for publicly supporting Travis Kelce and seemingly confirming a high-profile relationship.

Coverage of Swift at Kelce's Kansas City game was hard to miss


Coverage of Swift at Kelce’s Kansas City game was hard to missCredit: Getty
But Kittle has had a lighthearted joke about the impact it's having on the NFL... specifically, tight ends


But Kittle has had a lighthearted joke about the impact it’s having on the NFL… specifically, tight endsCredit: Getty

The NFL released a statement defending its coverage of Swift earlier this week, which had included putting her recent attendance to a game in their Instagram bio.

Kansas City Chiefs star Kelce said that the league were ‘overdoing’ it by making Swift the centre of attention during the games.

It is fair to say the duo’s rumoured relationship has caused a storm way beyond the realms of NFL and Swift lovers.

But when Little, who plays for the San Francisco 49ers, was asked by talkSPORT how he feels about the singer putting tight ends like him and Kelce on the map, he couldn’t help but crack a joke.

“Oh, now that is a loaded question because what I would like to say is, ‘Is it tight ends putting Taylor on the map?’” he joked.

However, he is clearly well aware of how strong Swift’s following is, continuing: “But I’m pretty sure the Swifties could topple a government somewhere so I never want to say anything to offend the Swifties.

“I enjoy Taylor Swift songs as well. So it’s enjoyable.”

Regarding Kelce and Swift’s reported relationship, Kittle added: “I haven’t asked Travis about it yet. I’m going to give him his personal space because I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the amount of attention that got.

Kelce is also a tight end


Kelce is also a tight endCredit: Getty

“I’m happy for him and good luck to them.”

Kittle promotes being a tight end a lot, founding Tight End University and creating Tight End Day.

“We were on the sidelines after Celek’s score when Jimmy asked, ‘What is it, like National Tight Ends Day?’” Kittle recalled for the 49ers website.

“I was like, ‘yeah, it’s National Tight Ends Day. It’s a holiday. Tight ends all over the league are scoring touchdowns.’

“That’s how it came to be. We just kind of rolled with it.”


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