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Brentford poke fun at Wrexham as bizarre documentary map goes viral

Wrexham have got a lot of things right in recent years – but they got a few things very wrong in the latest episode of their documentary.

Everton and Rochdale are not in Wales, Swansea and Cardiff are not in Devon – and Brentford most certainly do not reside on the Scottish border, hundreds of miles from local rivals QPR – on the Welsh border.

Fans were left feeling a bit like this during the latest episode of the popular TV show


Fans were left feeling a bit like this during the latest episode of the popular TV showCredit: Disney+

But this was the geographical landscape painted in the most recent episode of ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ on Wednesday.

The popular Disney+ TV series documents the rise of the Red Dragons under the ownership of Hollywood megastars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Its appeal goes beyond die-hard football fandom so, naturally, some of the technical stuff needs simplifying.

Executive director Humphrey Kerr was explaining how the FA Cup works to set the scene for Wrexham’s dramatic exit to Sheffield United last season.

While describing the nationwide scope of the FA Cup, from the Premier League to below the National League, an utterly bewildering graphic appeared on the screen.

It placed a number of famous clubs in the totally wrong place.

Nobody was asking for latitude and longitude coordinates, only for their clubs to be in the correct half of the country, if indeed they were within its borders.

It was not long before the map went viral and caught the attention of Brentford, who had been handed a local derby with Blyth Spartans.

The west London club famously sing ‘We’re just a bus stop in Hounslow’ to celebrate their own rags-to-riches story.

In response to the map, Brentford tweeted: “We’re just a bus stop in Hexham.

“We have questions @WrexhamFX.”

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