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Fans baffled as Wales suffer bizarre wardrobe malfunction in Rugby World Cup defeat

Social media was left bewildered during the Rugby World Cup quarter-final as the Wales squad suffered a bizarre wardrobe malfunction.

Just ten minutes into their 29-17 defeat against Argentina, players could be seen with their numbers peeling off their shirts.

Fans were quick to joke about the numbers falling off


Fans were quick to joke about the numbers falling offCredit: AFP

Their kit man could be seen standing by the sidelines to replace them as Wales looked to advance into the last-four in France.

It was a similar situation to what Romania experienced in their defeat to Ireland in their World Cup opener last month.

Speaking on talkSPORT commentary, Andrew McKenna said: “Their kit is basically falling apart after only five minutes of this game.

“The numbers are peeling off the back of the Wales players’ shirts, to the extent that we’ve actually seen down on the touchline that the kit man has had to go and get the bag of spare shirts.


“Most rugby teams in international World Cups had a shirt for each half for each player, in case they get torn or blood on.

“And the kit man has actually got the spare shirts ready now in case the referee says they can’t carry on because there are too many players without numbers on their shirts.”

Unsurprisingly, it proved to be a talking point on social media, as one fan posted: “Have Macron Sports stuck the Wales numbers on with Velcro? Terrible quality.”

Another said: “12 minutes in and a whole load of Wales’ jersey numbers are completely off already. Not great.”

Some numbers were clean off early on in the first half


Some numbers were clean off early on in the first halfCredit: AFP

A third added: “The numbers on the Wales jerseys are holding up about as well as my nerves.”

This fan joked: “Why have all the Wales shirt numbers been stuck on with pritt stick?”

While another quipped: “Wales’ plan to shed their numbers to thwart potential TMO interventions is genius.”

And this user simply stated: “Did Wales get someone’s mum to iron on all these numbers.”

Wales went into the quarter-final clash as favourites, and led 10-6 going into half-time.

But Argentina fought back brilliantly in the second period, with the South American nation to now face either Ireland or New Zealand in the semi-final.


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