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Craig Bellamy reveals new details of golf club fight and says it wasn’t even craziest incident of wild Liverpool night

Craig Bellemy has recalled his infamous golf club incident with John Arne Riise, and revealed shocking new details about the night.

The current Burnley assistant manager joined Gary Neville on The Overlap to discuss his career, which inevitably included the 2007 Champions League last-16 clash against Barcelona.

Bellamy famously celebrated with a golf swing as the story dominated the media


Bellamy famously celebrated with a golf swing as the story dominated the mediaCredit: Getty
He's now lifted the lid on just how wild the night was


He’s now lifted the lid on just how wild the night wasCredit: The Overlap

The Reds had a training camp in Portugal before crossing the border to face the reigning European champions, but things went awry.

The night before the match stories leaked to the media about Bellamy hitting teammate Riise with a golf club, something which both parties later confirmed, but not in too much detail.

Bellamy has now recalled what triggered the bust-up, which began on the golf course.

“Me, Robbie Fowler, John Arne Riise, Steve Finnan were playing golf and I questioned some of his shots, where I thought the ball ended up and where it ended up,” he told Neville

“I felt there were certain areas where I thought it went somewhere but it ended up in a much better position. I started to get a bit worried when it was in the woods but it was on a tee.

“It wound me up a little bit, I said to Finnan, ‘he’s cheating’ and he said, ‘don’t worry about it’.

“During the night we had a few drinks and there was karaoke. [Javier] Mascherano sang for us and one or two other players had to sing a song as part of their initiation.

“He [Riise] had to sing a song as there was a Christmas do and he didn’t turn up, he said he was going back to Norway and he didn’t so it was part of his punishment to sing a song and pay a fine.

“I said to him, ‘you’ve got to sing’ and he was dead against it, and I seemed to push it more then like, ‘no you have to’ and it went back and forth and he said, ‘look I ain’t f****** singing and stop trying to f****** make me’.”

Tensions were clearly rising throughout the night, and with Bellamy left to stew on it, his thoughts only got worse.

The pair came to blows, but celebrated a win days later


The pair came to blows, but celebrated a win days laterCredit: Getty

“I took offence and I’m with Sami Hyypia and I’m getting more and more unhappy with it,” he continued. “He’s [Riise] gone and I’m thinking, ‘I’m not accepting that’ I carried on thinking about it and it’s festering in my head and more drinks start coming into my head.

“Then I started remembering all the little petty moments in training where he elbowed me and thinking it had been going on for a while.

“Finnan and me were sharing rooms and we got back and I’ve said, ‘I’m not having this, where’s his room?’

“He didn’t know so I said where’s his roommate Daniel Agger, so we got hold of Agger and I said, ‘which club in here don’t you like?’ and he said the eight iron so I said that’s coming with me.

“I knocked on the door, and I’m quite embarrassed about this, this isn’t a good moment and I really mean that but I have to own it, it was a ridiculously pathetic act, and I’m not proud of it.

“I knocked on the door and he didn’t answer and he gets up and leaves the door on the latch and gone back to bed as he thinks it’s Agger.

“I came in, turned the light on then swore a hell of a lot. People think I’ve smacked him across the head but I smacked him across the legs and then he got into the corner and got the sheets around him.

“I said to him, ‘you ever speak to me like that again, I’m telling you now…’

Bellamy could only laugh remembering the moment but was honest about how embarrassing it was


Bellamy could only laugh remembering the moment but was honest about how embarrassing it wasCredit: Getty

“It was just the most insane thing ever and as I got out players were coming back and steamed into our room and trashed our downstairs kitchen area.

“The next morning I went downstairs and there were plates everywhere and Rafa [Benitez] and Pako [Ayestaran] came to see me. I told the truth as I couldn’t get out of it.”

Rather incredibly, despite the absolute chaos behind the scenes added to the fact it was front and back page news, Liverpool went on to beat Barca 2-1.

On top of that, both Bellamy and Riise scored in the famous win at Camp Nou, holding out in the second leg and eventually progressing to the final where they lost to AC Milan.

Due to their performance in Catalunya, both players were able to put the night behind them, but even before that Bellamy thought a different story was going to take the headlines.

The Welshman went on to reveal that 2005 Champions League-winning hero Jerzy Dudek had a far rougher night, but it never got into the media.

Dudek was left with some scars


Dudek was left with some scarsCredit: Getty

“I thought I was alright because there was a madder story that went on before it,” he added.

“Jerzy Dudek was out in the evening that same night and was told to leave a bar and he wouldn’t leave.

“They told him to leave and they brought the security and police in and as he was being wrestled by the police he headbutted a security officer.

“He had to be put into a riot van that night and Rafa had to go to the police station to get Jerzy out, scared because the police didn’t take too kindly.”

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