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Mics catch Travis Kelce standing over Derwin James and barking like a dog as rivals trash talk

Travis Kelce vs Derwin James was a real battle and there is hot audio to prove it.

Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs star tight end, had a monster game last Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Chiefs' Travis Kelce ends up on top of the Chargers' Derwin James in a tough battle


The Chiefs’ Travis Kelce ends up on top of the Chargers’ Derwin James in a tough battleCredit: Getty

Some speculated Kelce caught 12 passes and collected 179 receiving yards because he was so pumped up with pop superstar Taylor Swift attending another Chiefs win.

But Kelce’s fiery but respectful on-field battle with James also had an impact on the tight end’s intensity.

“Everybody come with me!” said Kelce, as he attempted to block Chargers defenders and help Kansas City gain more yards on a play.

The highlight between Kelce and James featured Swift’s boyfriend barking like a dog as Chiefs and Chargers players piled up.

“Ruf, ruf, ruf, ruf,” he screamed, sounding fairly close to a real dog.

On another play, Kelce changed direction mid field and tried to find open space.

An announcer called out a penalty flag being thrown while Patrick Mahomes bought time and eventually found an open Kelce.

He was tackled by James, a veteran Chargers safety, and the duo proceeded to engage in a fascinating inside football conversation.

Kelce had a huge day against the Chargers, collecting 179 yards and a touchdown


Kelce had a huge day against the Chargers, collecting 179 yards and a touchdownCredit: Reuters

“Boy, I’m working,” Kelce said.

“They got me or you?” he asked, referring to the penalty flag. “They got one of us on it.”

When the Chief and Charger later lined up against each other, James attempted to get Kelce to reveal what type of play (run or pass) was about to be called.

“It’s a run ain’t it, Kelce?” James said. “It’s a run, ain’t it?”

Kelce calmly fired back.

“Come on, now,” the big Chief said. “You know me.”

A split second later, Kelce faked a move outside, cut inside and blocked James as Kansas City executed a run play.

Then Kelce started barking like a dog as the on-field battle and trash talking continued.

Kelce and his Chiefs won the day, beating the Chargers 31-17 and improving to an AFC best 6-1.


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