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At Least 23 Journalists Killed In Israel-Hamas Conflict

At least 23 journalists have been killed during the conflict between Israel and Hamas, reflecting the ongoing danger reporters face covering the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the war at large.

“CPJ emphasizes that journalists are civilians doing important work during times of crisis and must not be targeted by warring parties,” Sherif Mansour, the group’s Middle East and North Africa program coordinator, said in a statement. “Journalists across the region are making great sacrifices to cover this heartbreaking conflict. All parties must take steps to ensure their safety.”

Many reporters have been killed in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in recent days, according to the group. Israel is reportedly preparing for a large-scale invasion of Gaza in the coming days after Hamas unleashed a surprise attack against the country on Oct. 7, killing more than 1,300 people.

Palestinian officials say more than 5,000 people in Gaza have been killed in the ensuing fighting and more than 15,000 injured.

Access to Gaza has been limited since the war broke out. The Associated Press notes many news organizations had maintained bureaus in the territory, including the AP, the BBC, Reuters and Agence France-Presse, but many reporters had to flee amid the destruction.

“Working in Gaza right now is extremely difficult and that’s in large part because our staff are both covering the story and worrying about their own safety and the safety of their families,” Julie Pace, the executive editor of the AP, said earlier this month.


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