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‘I want to suck my thumb and eat ice cream’ – Arizona manager delivers bizarre interview after World Series heartbreak

Torey Lovullo could not hide the pain.

All the Arizona Diamondbacks manager wanted to do was run away, go camping, hide in a tent, suck his thumb and eat ice cream.

Manager Torey Lovullo watched it all fall apart for Arizona as the World Series ended


Manager Torey Lovullo watched it all fall apart for Arizona as the World Series ended

Wait, what?

“I want to hurt,” Lovullo said, after the Texas Rangers won the World Series 4-1. “I want to hurt because I want to remember what this feels like, because I never want to feel it again.

“Everybody knows that feeling I’m talking about, whether it’s personal, something personal or something professional, you want to move off of these moments. But I’m not going to run away from it.”

Lovullo was brutally honest and revealing after the Diamondbacks watched a 1-1 series tie when leaving Arlington, Texas become three straight home defeats for the Diamondbacks.

Few, if any, expected Arizona to reach the World Series.

Once the DBacks were dominated by the Rangers in a brief series with historically weak TV ratings, all Lovullo could feel was the pain of coming so close to a world championship that ultimately eluded his team’s grasp.

The skipper instantly knew that it was going to take a while to get over the sudden end to a once-magical season.

“I want to run away and hide for a few days,” he said. “I want to go camping and just sit in the tent and suck my thumb and eat ice cream.

“Is that the weirdest answer you guys have ever had? And just let it run its course the way it’s supposed to.

“Hurt when I’m supposed to hurt. Cry when I’m supposed to cry. Feel good when I’m supposed to feel good.

“But when I wake up on that one morning, whenever it is, it could be a week from now, 10 days from now, it’s going to be a little while. I know that.”

Arizona stunned MLB by knocking out the Los Angeles Dodgers on the way to the World Series.

When another Fall Classic was suddenly over, Lovullo embraced his family and reflected on a special season for the Diamondbacks.

One that ended three wins short of perfection.

“The reason why it hurts so bad is because we care so much,” the Arizona manager said. “We care about this baseball community. We care about the fans of Arizona that bleed Sedona red with us, that have backed us. Those are the things that go through my mind and all the players.

“This is painful. This is just plain painful. And I can’t quite move past that right now. But I will.”


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