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What Investors and the Fed Will Look For in the Jobs Report

Bill Ackman’s wife is accused of plagiarism by Business Insider. The publication said that Neri Oxman, a prominent academic and architect who formerly taught at M.I.T., had failed to use quotation marks around several passages in her 2010 doctoral dissertation that were taken from other papers, though she cited her sources. Oxman posted on X that she was checking the accusations, apologized and would request any necessary corrections; Ackman, who was a leading advocate for ousting Claudine Gay as Harvard’s president over plagiarism accusations, posted in support of his wife.

Last year presented challenges for hedge fund moguls, given volatility in the bond markets, economic uncertainty and the U.S.’s regional banking crisis. But some of the industry’s top players were still able to mint money.

2023 proved to be a good, but not stellar, year for big hedge funds. Take Citadel, one of the industry’s best performers, which fell far short of the 38 percent gain it reported for 2022. (That said, it’s returning $7 billion to investors.)

The picture was murkier for the broader industry. Hedge funds on average returned 4.5 percent, according to the data provider HFR. And they were vastly outperformed by the S&P 500, which gained 24 percent.


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