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Travis Kelce says ‘f***ing d***’ Justin Tucker broke unwritten NFL rule before Chiefs-Ravens game

Travis Kelce’s pregame altercation with Justin Tucker almost threatened to overshadow the AFC Championship game.

The Chiefs tight end went viral after throwing the Ravens‘ kicker’s helmet and ball away because Tucker was getting too close to the end zone where Patrick Mahomes was warming up.

Kelce was involved in a pregame altercation with the Ravens kicker


Kelce was involved in a pregame altercation with the Ravens kickerCredit: Getty

Kelce has now spoken about the incident on his New Heights podcast with brother Jason, labelling Tucker a “f***ing d*** for breaking an unwritten NFL rule.

“The Ravens have their side of the field and the Chiefs have our side of the field,” he explained.

“If you’re trying to go onto the other team’s designated area, you kinda stat outta their way.

“You don’t interfere with what they have going on.”

“That is the unwritten rule,” Jason chimed in with.

Travis echoed his older brother’s words before adding, “If you wanna be a f***ing d*** about it you keep your helmet and your football and you’re f***ing kicking tee right where the quarterbacks are warming up.

“If you’re not gonna pick that up, I’ll happily move that for you.”

“It’s actually kinda dangerous,” Jason added.

Kelce picks up Tucker's helmet to remove it from Mahomes' warmup area


Kelce picks up Tucker’s helmet to remove it from Mahomes’ warmup areaCredit: X @JamesPalmerTV
Kelce throws the helmet out the back of the endzone while Tucker watches on


Kelce throws the helmet out the back of the endzone while Tucker watches onCredit: X @JamesPalmerTV

Travis then revealed that Tucker was winking at him, joking around and ‘kind of being a d** about it’ and ‘get under the skin’.

“But me and Pat had the same mentality all week long… you gotta go in there with the right mindset and we just weren’t in a joking mood.”

Kelce then apologised to Tucker for escalating it to another level but joked that when it comes to being a d***, he could one up him every time.

“Tucker is known for this, he knows out to poke the buttons,” Jason added.

Tucker’s antics obviously didn’t work as the Chiefs won the game 17-10 to punch their ticket to the Super Bowl.

Following the victory, Mahomes gave his thoughts on Tucker’s behaviour.

“I’ve had seven years of doing that same warmup routine, and there’s only been like three occasions where there’s been a kicker that wasn’t … moving out of the way. It was in Baltimore all three times,” Mahomes said Tuesday on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City.

 “He does that to get under our skin. I asked him to move his stuff and he got up and moved it I think two inches but didn’t move it out of the way,” Mahomes added.

Mahomes led the Chiefs to their fourth Super Bowl in five years


Mahomes led the Chiefs to their fourth Super Bowl in five yearsCredit: Getty

“I was going to let it slide, but Travis moved it for me and after that I wasn’t going to let him put it back down.”

However, Tucker insisted that he’s ‘been doing the same exact thing for 12 years’ and ‘never really had a problem with anybody.’

He said the kicker always ‘goes to the other team’s designated warmup area on the field’ which is just what he was doing.

“That’s kind of the way we’ve always done it. I saw Patrick there trying to warm up and get some dropbacks. He asked me while I was on the ground stretching if I could move my helmet,” Tucker said.

“Then Travis comes over and just kicks my stuff and throws my helmet,” Tucker added.

He added that it was “all in good fun, but they seemed to be taking it a little bit more seriously.”

Mahomes finished the game completing 30-of-39 passes for 241 yards, and one touchdown.

Kelce made a game-high 11 catches for 116 yards and a first half touchdown.

The Chiefs now move on to the Super Bowl where they will face the San Francisco 49ers.


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