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AT&T Offers $5 Credit After Widespread Service Outage

“No matter the timing, one thing is clear — we let down many of our customers, including many of you and your families,” the chief executive of AT&T, John T. Stankey, wrote in a letter dated Sunday. “For that, we apologize.”

In an effort to “make it right” AT&T is offering customers a $5 credit on their AT&T Wireless account, according to the company’s website.

“For the portion of consumer and small business customers most impacted by the outage, we are automatically applying an account credit to compensate them for the inconvenience they experienced,” the company said.

It will take one to two billing cycles for the credit to appear, depending on when a customer’s bill closes, the company said.

Prepaid customers will have options available if they were affected, Mr. Stankey wrote, but did not specifically identify those options.


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