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Tehran Aliyev Honored as “EY Entrepreneur of The Year” with “Beyond Azerbaijan” Nomination

On March, 2024, EY Azerbaijan proudly announced the winners of its “EY Entrepreneur of The Year” award. This celebration of entrepreneurial excellence, now in its fifth year, is held with the support of the main sponsor ABB and showcases the rich entrepreneurial spirit within the Azerbaijani business sector. Financial assistance for the event came from bp and the Veyseloglu Group of Companies, with additional support from the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) and EKVITA consulting firm.

This year, the competition was more robust than ever, with an independent jury choosing winners from 20 outstanding candidates across eight nominations. These jurors consisted of distinguished members of the business community, representatives from international financial institutions, and executives from top corporations.

In the “Beyond Azerbaijan” category, Tehran Aliyev of VITAM was honored for his contributions. Under Tehran Aliyev’s leadership, VITAM has become synonymous with innovation in advertising and furniture solutions.

VITAM: Pioneering Advertising and Furniture Solutions

With 19 years of industry experience, VITAM has been instrumental in supporting brands across various sectors, including construction, retail, apparel, electronics, and automotive since 2004. Their commitment to delivering unique and creative solutions has set them apart in the industry.

VITAM’s services are extensive, encompassing advertising structures, showcases, commercial furniture, exhibition and ready-made stands, large-format printing, and architectural references, along with design and engineering. Their comprehensive support system is designed to make brands memorable and help them achieve their goals.

Choosing VITAM means opting for a partner that can help your brand stand out and grow, with a proven track record of success across Azerbaijan, Georgia, the USA, Netherlands, and Uzbekistan.

About the “EY Entrepreneur of The Year” Award

The “EY Entrepreneur of The Year” award, initiated by EY in 1986, remains one of the business world’s most prestigious recognitions. It aims to foster the entrepreneurial spirit by celebrating individuals who demonstrate significant potential. By showcasing their leadership skills and accomplishments, the program inspires others to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. As the first global award of its kind, it acknowledges the efforts of entrepreneurs who have built successful, growing, and dynamic businesses on a worldwide scale, offering a platform for the exchange of innovative ideas and practices within the global business community.


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