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How Wubben-Moy produced best season of her career

With the help of Slegers, Wubben-Moy has developed key technical areas in her game such as her body positioning, her ability to break the press with her passing and being more aggressive.

These were highlighted in analysis sessions which Wubben-Moy instigated having clipped up video footage of her own gameplay in evenings after matches.

She talked them through with Slegers and the assistant coach came up with training drills to put it into practise.

Wubben-Moy also analyses her opponents and recruited her own team of statisticians – not affiliated with Arsenal – to help her develop personal skills which match the team’s “DNA”.

“I think as a player you sometimes need to feed on a confidence boost. I know that I’m a good player but I also like to see it. The more I can see it [in stats], the more I believe it,” she added.

“If I’m not looking at a better version of myself than I was a month ago, then I don’t really see how I can develop. If I have the stats, I know I can look at them and say ‘I’ve improved here’.”

Wubben-Moy’s development is not complete. Her version is to become a starter for England as they look to defend their European title in Switzerland next year, as well as a leader for Arsenal.

“I’m a small cog in a big wheel so I want to do it for the team and not just necessarily for myself. It’s a drive that comes from within, but it’s also to drive others,” she added.

“I want to have an impact on others both on and off the pitch.”

Slegers says Wubben-Moy is a player that “maximises her capabilities” and sees “the bigger picture”.

“It’s all about what she wants. She is very motivated to get the most out of herself,” she added.

“With her mindset, she can fulfil her potential. I don’t know where the ceiling is – but that’s the fun thing about it.”



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