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West Ham vs Olympiacos – Europa League: Live scores, team news and updates as the Hammers take the lead through Lucas Paqueta


Follow Mail Sport’s live blog for all the latest scores, team news and updates as West Ham host Olympiacos in the Europa League

FULL TIME: West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

And… there goes the final whistle! West Ham have emerged victorious by the skin of their teeth. The goal came from Paqueta but it was James Ward-Prowse who stole the show when it came to the goal.

West Ham are now top of the group and guaranteed European football in the New Year.

West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

Things are getting heated on the pitch. The players are squaring up to each other after Bowen and Coufal were confronted for taking too long to complete West Ham’s throw in.

GOAL: Aston Villa 2-1 AZ Alkmaar

Ollie Watkins has found the back of the net for Aston Villa. He had been having a quiet night up until that point… and has now possible found the winner for Villa!

West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

Five minutes of additional time has been added on to the end of the game. Will it be enough time for Olympiacos to claw one back? We’ll have to wait and see…

HIT THE POST: West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

OLYMPIACOS HIT THE POST! The ball was played into the box from the corner. Porozo flicks it on to the back post. Camara gets there but heads it onto the woodwork!

West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

James Ward-Prowse steps over the free-kick. He plays the perfect ball into the box. Placing it right on Mavropanos’ head. However, he couldn’t finish it off! He needs to do better there. That *should* have been a goal…

YELLOW CARD: West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

Kudus goes down injured. Porozo is shown a yellow card after going into the challenge with his shoulder. Nothing malicious, looking at the ball but certainly one that will hurt Kudus.

West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

Kudus goes for goal from distance. He connects with is will and fizzes are rocket towards Paschalakis. However, it brushed past the post and went out for a goal kick.

West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

West Ham are playing with a new level of confidence. Paqueta looks more threatening than ever and Olympiacos are struggling to for answerrs.

West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

The goal stands! West Ham take the lead in the 73rd minute of the game after Paqueta finds the back of the net. It was an excellent finish but it was the ball from James Ward-Prowse that caught my eye. Ward-Prowse picked the ball up 20 yards out from the box and dinked it beautifully over the backline to Paqueta – who hits it on the half volley.

GOAL: West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

WEST HAM SCORE! But, the flag goes up. However… I have a feeling this will count! A lovely finish from Paqueta but an even better ball over the top from James Ward-Prowse.

GOAL: Aston Villa 1-1 AZ Alkmaar

Aston Villa equalise. Diego Carlos headed the ball into the back of the net after Moussa Diaby fired it in from a corner. It’s all to play for now…

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

West Ham are starting to play with some urgency, some intensity! But, will that stop Moyes from making some changes? It looks as though a couple of players may be warming now.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Bowen is occupying the wider areas and West Ham are looking much more dangerous as a result! They’ve just had two back-to-back chances.

The second came after Bowen fired the ball into the box for Benrahma. He latches onto it and shoots but his effort his defelected wide.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Huge chance for James Ward-Prowse! West Ham did well to turn Olympiacos over on the left-hand-side, break into the box and slip it back to Ward-Prowse running in. However, he couldn’t keep it on target!

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Paqueta is looking a shell of himself this evening. He’s just given the ball away (again). Giving Olympiacos the chance to break from a dangerous area.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Olympiacos make their first change of the evening. El Kaabi comes on for Jovetic. Meanwhile, David Moyes holds off on the subs… for now!

GOAL: Aston Villa 0-1 AZ Alkmaar

Elsewhere, Aston Villa have gone 1-0 down against AZ Alkmaar. Vangelis Pavlidis was the one who found the back of the net for the visitors after latching onto a long ball that beat Emiliano Martinez.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

I wouldn’t be surprised if West Ham make a change soon. Moyes is in desperate need of a spark and he’s not getting it from the starting XI at the moment…

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Moyes is calling for West Ham to sit higher up the pitch. He wants them to be more assertive and more aggressive. The forwards are listening to the manager but the lines in behind need to follow suit or pockets will begin to open for Olympiacos.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Not the explosive start I was hoping for. A very sloppy start to the second half with lots of rash tackles from both sides. I hope (for everyone’s sake) the quality picks up.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Paqueta has started the second half. There were concerns over his fitness as he looked to be struggling towards the end of the first. But, he must be okay!

SECOND HALF: West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Here we go! The second half is underway. All to play for in the next 45 minutes. We’re waiting for a spark… but who will it come from? Stay tuned to see.

HALF TIME: West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

And… just like that, the half time whistle has gone. The players look flat. The London Stadium is quiet. David Moyes will be looking to inject some energy into his players during the break.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Three minutes of extra time have been added onto the first half after a couple of injuries broke down play. David Moyes will be eager to get his team into the changing room to give them a much needed team talk.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

David Moyes is demanding intensity from the sideline. He’s asking for more from his players and I’m not surprised to be honest. They are playing in second gear at the moment.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

benrahma picks up the ball on the right flank, drives towards the edge of the box, hesitates and then curls it towards the penalty spot. However, his team-mates were nowhere to be seen. Poor decision if you ask me…

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

West Ham are playing really nicely through the pockets. Some lovely one touch passing as they advance up the pitch… but they are lacking aggression and intensity.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Paqueta goes down injured after jarring his neck while attempting to head the ball on the right flank. However, it’s not long before he is back to his feet.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Huge chance for Podence! Olympiacos play the ball nicely down the left-hand-side and slip it back to Podence – who was left unattended at the top of the box. The ball takes a bounce and he looks to hit it on the volley but couldn’t keep it on target.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Another chane for Aguerd! The ball is played into the box. He leaps into the air and beats his defender to the ball. He looks to guide it into the bottom left-hand-corner but sent it fizzing past the post. Best chance he’s had all game and one he should have done better with.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

West Ham earn themselves a corner. Bowen rises above his defender and heads it towards goal. However, it appears to have clipped off his defender – sending it out for another corner.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Things have gotten incredibly scrappy. Lots of long balls out from the back. Inaccurate passes and some cheap fouls. Both teams need to take more care of the ball in possession.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Yellow card for Kudus and an incredibly cheap one at that. He was frustrated with the linesman’s decision and threw his hands in the air while muttering some… unpleasant words. The referee was having none of it and pulled out a yellow card.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Olympiacos’ passing is getting sloppy. They are making life hard for themselves as West Ham continue to pressure aggresively.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

A lovely run from Bowne results in a West Ham corner. James Ward-Prowse fires the ball into the middle of the box. It falls to Aguerd, he heads it towards goal but it goes just right of the post.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Olympiacos are switching the ball nicely from right to left but they are causing West Ham very little issues. They are turning the ball over far too easily on the edge of the Hammers box… opening the opportunity for counter attacks!

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Alvarez is awarded the first yellow card of the game. A little harsh if you ask me. He got the ball and only ball when sliding in to tackle his opposite man.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Olympiacos earn themselves another corner. They play it in towards the near post to be flicked on. However, there was no one at the back post waiting for the ball.

West Ham need to be better at screening that front post…

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

West Ham are growing in confidence, playing through the pockets and driving at their players. The Hammers are just lacking the final detail in the box. It looks as though it’s coming…

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

James Ward-Prowse plays the ball into the middle of the box. It’s headed out to Bowen. He takes a touch and fires it at goal. Paschalakis reacts quickly and makes the save. West Ham are looking dangerous!

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Chance for West Ham! The Hammers work the ball from right to left and find Benrahma on the corner of the box. He takes a touch and looks to curl it into the top right-and-corner. However, Paschalakis does well to palm it away for a corner.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Good start from both teams. Olympiacos are starting to maintain possession and have enjoyed plenty of success down the right flank.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Olympiacos earn themselves their first corner of the game. They fire it into the box and call for handball after watching it bounce off the back of Coufal’s arm. However, the referee is having none of it and has pointed to the corner flag to award another corner.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Paqueta does well to win the ball in the final third of the pitch. He slips in Bowen – who finds Benrahma. Benrahma once again… tried to go for goal from distance and it didn’t pay off.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

First chance of the game for West Ham. Benrahma picked up the ball on the left-hand-side and drove forwards. He had plenty of options but decided to go for goal from distance. However, he couldn’t keep it on target. Bad decision.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

Olympiacos start with a high press, running the ball down and putting West Ham’s backline under pressure from the opening minute.

West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

And… just like that, we are underway! It is West Ham who kick things off this evening.

We are just over 10 minutes out from this evening’s fixture! Stay tuned…

Olympiacos are the most-successful club in Greek football history and will be tough test (again!)

Olympiacos were crowned champions a record 47 times, Cup winners on 28 occasions and domestic double winners on a record 18 occasions.

Olympiacos also became the first Greek club to play in European competition when they competed in the 1959/60 European Cup. However, they did lose 5-3 on aggregate to AC Milan in the preliminary round.

West Ham are in touching distance of the knockout stages of the competition…

West Ham started the competition well, securing two wins and one defeat from their opening three games. Therefore, a win against Olympiakos this evening would put them in touching distances of the knockout stages.

Olympiacos ruined West Ham’s unbeaten run in Europe and they will be looking for revenge…

The Hammers were on a 17-match unbeaten run in Europe (which was a record for an English club) before defeat against Olympiakos two weeks ago. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Moyes’ side are looking for revenge.

West Ham manager David Moyes wants to be in Europe after Christmas…

‘I want to make sure we get the wins and qualify,’ said Moyes. ‘We’re going out there, we want to be in Europe after Christmas, if we can win tomorrow night we might have got ourselves in one of the tournaments, whether it’s the Europa League or the Conference.

‘We didn’t play well [at Olympiakos a fortnight ago], nowhere near our standards our levels. I wouldn’t hide that at all. I’m looking for much better tomorrow night.’

Arrival pictures have dropped! We are just 30 minutes out from the action…

The away fans are piling into the London Stadium ahead of this evening’s fixture…

David Moyes wants West Ham’s 60,000-strong support to make sure the London Stadium is intimidating after the extraordinary welcome they received in Athens…

‘There are some brilliant stadiums when they’re rocking – Anfield, Old Trafford – but I think we all enjoyed it greatly because it was an incredible atmosphere,’ said Moyes, whose team remain top of their group.

‘We have an awful lot of good things in the Premier League but I don’t think we should get carried away thinking we have the best atmospheres because if you go and watch a lot of European games you’d be quite shocked with how good the crowds are.

‘We weren’t shocked by Greece but it helped their team greatly, the support they had.’

The Hammers were riled by the Greek side’s raucous celebrations in Athens after shock 2-1 win…

Players including James Ward-Prowse and Angelo Ogbonna have admitted they were riled by their opponents’ behaviour in the aftermath of that disappointing defeat and are promising to show a ‘different West Ham’ this evening.

David Moyes provides update on Kurt Zouma’s injury…

“We’re still waiting on Kurt,” West Ham boss David Moyes confirmed at his pre-match press conference. “He didn’t train [with the main group] this morning. He’s done a bit inside and we’ll have a look tomorrow and see how he is.”

The scene has been set…

Olympiacos team news…

Olympiakos XI: Paschalakis; Rodinei, Porozo, Restos, Ortega; Alexandropoulos, Hezze, Camara; Podence, Jovetic, Fortounis

Subs: Papadoudis, Iborra, El Kaabi, Scarpa, El-Arabi, Quini, Masouras, Joao Carvalho, Biel, Ntoi, Solbakken

West Ham team news…

West Ham XI: Fabiański, Coufal, Mavropanos, Aguerd, Emerson, Álvarez, Ward-Prowse, Kudus, Paquetá, Benrahma, Bowen

SubsAreola, Anang, Johnson, Cresswell, Fornals, Antonio, Cornet, Ings, Ogbonna, Souček, Kehrer, Mubama

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Hello and welcome to Mail Sport’s live blog for all the latest scores, team news and updates as West Ham host Olympiacos in the Europa League! Make sure you stay tuned as we are just an out…

Key Updates

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  • HIT THE POST: West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

  • YELLOW CARD: West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

  • GOAL: West Ham 1-0 Olympiacos

  • GOAL: Aston Villa 1-1 AZ Alkmaar

  • GOAL: Aston Villa 0-1 AZ Alkmaar

  • HALF TIME: West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

  • YELLOW CARD: West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

  • YELLOW CARD: West Ham 0-0 Olympiacos

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